4H-TECH M66-Shift Short Shifter kit

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This 4H-TECH M66-Shift is especialy designed for the M66-type gearbox from Volvo, which can be found on the Volvo V40, V60, V70, V90, S60, S80, XC60 all with 2.0 petrol and 2.0 diesel engines.

By replacing the stock shifter arm on your M66 transmission with this 4H-TECH quick shifter arm, you will have a gear throw shortening of 30%.

The factory gear stick model, look and height remain unchanged.

This short shifter system is easy to fit yourself, and special tools to remove the old stock shifter arm are included in the kit. Gear changes are much quicker and precise. Your gear stick will change gears by short gear throw clicks, and changes the whole driving experience of your car.

One of the must have modifications to your Volvo!


  • Improves performance (faster shifting through gears)
  • Suitable for Volvo related M66-type transmissions (not all, see exact specifications below)
  • Faster and crisper Shifting
  • Designed and made in the Netherlands by 4H-TECH with OEM quality
  • Optimum reduction of 30% shortened gear throw
  • Stock shifter arm removal tool is included
  • Easy to install (no car lift or car jack needed, installs in just 20 minutes)
  • Made of S420MC grade quality steel.
  • Shifter arm with special counterweights to ensure smooth shift operation
  • 4H-TECH structure red powder coated finish
  • Black plastic top cap included
  • The factory gear stick model, look and height remains unchanged.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Stand alone system.
  • Plug and play. No re-adjustments necessary.
  • Available from stock for direct shipment.
  • Protected Design


  • 1x M66 Short Shifter arm
  • 1x Removal tool for easy remove of stock shifter arm
  • 2x Shift Cable bracket spacers
  • 1x Plastic top cap
  • 1x Fitting guide
  • 1x 4H-TECH Sticker


  • V40 T2 2.0 16V Benzine 90kW (122pk) 2015 till 2017
  • V40 D2 2.0 16V Diesel 88kW (120PK)   2015 till 2017
  • V40 D3 2.0 16V Diesel 110kW 150pk    2015 till 2017
  • V40 D4 2.0 16V Diesel 190pk (140kW) 2015 till 2017
  • V60 Cross Country 2.0 16V Diesel 110kW 150pk 2015-06 till 2019-03
  • V60 D4 2.0 16V Diesel 140kW 190pk 2015-03 till 2018-05
  • V70 D3 2.0 16V Diesel 110kW 150pk 2015-03 till 2016-04
  • V70 D4 2.0 16V Diesel 133kW 181pk 2013-03 till 2016-04
  • V90 D4 2.0 16V Diesel 140kW 190pk 2016-03 ->
  • XC60 FWD D3 2.0 16V Diesel 110kW 150pk 2015-03 till 2017-02
  • XC60 FWD D4 2.0 16V Diesel 133kW 181pk 2013-10 till 2015-02
  • XC60 FWD D4 2.0 16V Diesel 140kW 190pk 2015-03 till 2017-02

    This list will be completed with more Volvo models when we find more suitable fitments.
    Please contact us if you don't see a Volvo which should be in this list.

    The M66 transmission can be found in many different Volvo cars. Our M66-Shift will not fitt all versions. Only the versions with this type of original shifter arm:

    Not sure if this M66-Shift will fit your car? Email us the chassis number (VIN) of your car, we can tell you straight away if it will fit your car. You can also send us a picture of the OEM shifter which is located on top of the gearbox.

    Although great care is given to the car applications in this list, 4H-TECH can not guarantee the correctness of this car list. If you should find a incorrect car application, please contact us.
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