PK4018-Shift for Renault Megane 3 RS (MK3)

Article number: PK4018
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Elevate Your Renault Megane III 2.0 DCi with the 4H-TECH PK4018-Shift!

Unlock the ultimate driving performance of your Renault Megane III 2.0 DCi with the 4H-TECH PK4018-Shift. Designed for PK4-transmission equipped Renaults, this quick shifter delivers faster, more precise gear changes, enhancing your driving experience.

Why Choose the 4H-TECH PK4018-Shift?

Superior Performance: Achieve a 30% reduction in gear throw, ensuring quicker, more accurate shifts.

Precision Engineering: Made from high-quality steel with an 4H-TECH red structural powder coating for durability and a sleek finish.

Easy Installation: Fit the short shifter on top of the gearbox in just 45 minutes, with no need for a car lift or car jack.
A necessary removal tool to remove the old shifter arm is included, to make fitment very easy.

Seamless Integration: Maintain the factory gear stick model and height, preserving your car’s original look and feel.

Rally-Inspired Shifting: Enjoy gear changes that feel almost like a rally sequential gearbox, with a satisfying "click-clack" sensation.

Key Features:

  • Improves Performance: Faster and smoother gear shifting.
  • 30% Shortened Gear Throw: Enhances driving dynamics.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: No car lift or jack needed, and includes a removal tool for the old shifter arm.
  • High-Quality Construction: Made in the Netherlands with top-grade materials.
  • No Modifications Needed: The gear stick remains unchanged, and no re-adjustments are necessary.
  • Durability and Warranty: Backed by a 2-year warranty and features a protected design.


  • Short Shifter Arm
  • Bracket to Support the Oil Pipe for Clutch Release Bearing
  • Removal Tool for Easy Removal of the Old Shifter Arm
  • Fitting Guide
  • 4H-TECH Sticker



  • Renault Megane mk3 2.0 DCi 150Bhp - 180Bhp (40%! shorter gear throw)
  • Renault Megane mk3 2.0 Tce 180 Bhp (40%! shorter gear throw)
  • Renault Megane GT220 (40%! shorter gear throw)
  • Renault Megane RS (MK3) 250 bhp
  • Renault Megane RS (MK3) 265 bhp Trophy
  • Renault Megane RS (MK3) 275 bhp Trophy-R
  • Renault Clio IV RS 16 Genesis 2.0 Turbo
  • Renault Laguna mk3 2.0 DCi 150Bhp - 175Bhp - 180Bhp (40%! shorter gear throw)
  • Renault Laguna mk3 2.0 16V Turbo 170Bhp and 205Bhp GT (40%! shorter gear throw)
  • Renault Espace mk3 2.0 DCi 130Bhp - 150Bhp - 175Bhp (40%! shorter gear throw)

4H-TECH PK4018-Shift: Precision. Speed. Excellence.

Upgrade your Renault Megane III 2.0DCi today and experience the thrill of faster, more precise gear changes!

| Arp

This is must have mod. Totally changes driving experience and it feels very nice.

| Sandro

What a feeling ;-) ! Renault should have done it like this. Worth the money.

| Dave

Worth Every penny. A world of a difference and feels like driving a different car.

5 stars based on 3 reviews